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How to target customers at related businesses or competitors!

Sometimes it makes sense to find customers that are in other business locations that have a similar theme. For this example, let’s use a wedding photographer as the example. A wedding photographer may find highly qualified leads for wedding photography services by targeting the customers going into a local wedding dress shop, a wedding catering business or Cake shop right?

We have the ability to TARGET customers INSIDE these other businesses and then, for the next thirty days, deliver YOUR digital display banner ad to these people, directly on their smart phones! Watch this short video and if you’re interested in seeing a web demo about how this could work for YOUR business, contact me and I’ll schedule a demo!

RECRUITERS and HR professionals:

How to target the passive job seeker for today’s recruiter

If you’re a recruiter you’ve, no doubt, found it harder to fill your open positions.  Watch this short video and learn how you can target and hire the passive job seeker, currently working at a competing office nearby!

We can help get the RIGHT people to your door and but it’s up to YOU to give them a reason to come! What do you have to offer that is better than where you’re fishing for employees? Do you offer better pay, working conditions, benefits, or something that would be a compelling reason to leave the place they are currently employed, to come work for you? We have the ability, through geo-fencing, to target your competitors work location and then, ping the cell phones of anyone who goes inside the building. Then, for the next thirty days, we deliver YOUR banner ad to these individuals, up to four times a day.

They don’t have to download or install any new programs. They simply see your ads in the applications and websites they already visit.

Imagine being able to target warehouse workers in a big competing warehouse. If you need forklift drivers and packers / pickers, you can target the employees doing these SAME JOBS in competing warehouses and then serve them your job offer directly to their phones! THIS IS POWERFUL TARGETED MARKETING THAT GETS RESULTS! Watch this short video and contact me if you would like to schedule a web demo online.


Learn how to grow your business the RIGHT way!

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Here’s what one local client had to say about working with me!

The number one question I get is “WHERE is the best place to spend my limited advertising budget?” The simple answer is radio but if you want to see the facts and research, here it is!

Radio is THE most cost effective direction that will REACH the most people for a LOCAL small business. Radio is the #1 MASS MEDIA that reaches 93% of the population. Radio has the HIGHEST ROI (10:1) and radio is the ONLY media that delivers all eight characteristics of the best performing advertising.  Check out our “RADIO BASE BUY AND WHY” for more details.

That being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to use radio. If you’re going to throw money at a radio station and expect immediate results,  you may be disappointed.

Radio is a marathon not a sprint. If you have a budget of $500, you’re better off putting the money back in your pocket. You will waste it because $500 isn’t enough to get Reach, Frequency or Consistency over the length of an advertising schedule.  Save that money until you have a budget that will support running enough commercials per week, for a minimum of 13 weeks. Running 3 commercials isn’t going to get you new customers!

A REALISTIC radio budget for the local Cumulus stations would be between $1,000 – $3,000 a month on average, depending on which station you’re advertising on. To advertise on Wink 104 you’re going to spend about $3,000-5.000 a month. 105.7 the X is about $2,000 – $3,000 a month and Hot 93.5, NASH FM 106.7 and CBS Sports Radio 96.5 are about $1,000 – $2,000  a month.

Station rates around the Country will be different based on the station reach and ratings. You may find a station that offers $10 rates and you may have a station that is hundreds of dollars for one minute! It depends on the area where your business is, the stations and demographics that station is targeting and how long you’re advertising.

Most stations will lock in a rate for signing a longer contract and most offer a 2 week cancellation option if you’re not getting results but remember, radio takes time! If you buy a 13 week schedule, you’re going to hate me after the first month because you’re not going to see a lot of results because it’s still new to the listeners. By the second month, your friends and family will start calling you to tell you they heard your commercial on the radio. Buy the third month, that’s when MOST businesses start seeing a return on investment.

From that point forward, the longer you continue to advertise, the more top of mind awareness you gain in the listeners mind and radio is all about being….. KNOWN BEFORE YOU’RE NEEDED!

People are in different buying cycles all the time and they react to offers based on “triggering events.” You need to make sure you’re reaching the right audience and radio is the king of REACH!  For example, when you advertise on WQXA 105.7 the X,  you’re reaching 162,900 weekly adult listeners 18+. That’s a LOT of people that will potentially hear your commercial!

Check out this new study that talks about radio and other audio options like Pandora,  Spotify and itunes. Share of Ear – Who’s listening to what?  

The second thing for successful advertising is FREQUENCY. Listeners have to hear your message several times during the week.

They say sleep is the great eraser….. when you go to sleep, everything new you learned that day gets erased off the chalkboard in your head and you wake up in the morning and start over. Hearing the same commercial over and over takes it into your short term memory and then to long term memory the longer you hear it.

CONSISTENCY is being able to advertise long term. A MINIMUM of 13 weeks is recommended but a longer 26 week or 52 week schedule will keep your business top of mind in the listeners mind.

Remember, the listener may not have a need for your services right away but when they do, wouldn’t you rather they know your name already? 80% of consumers will turn to the brand they already know before searching google or yellow pages, where you are mixed in with ALL of your competitors! You need to be KNOWN before you’re NEEDED!

The MESSAGE is the final key to success in advertising. Your message in your commercial has to be compelling. Why should a listener shop YOU over Company X? What do you offer that no one else does? What is YOUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION ? 

Email Keith if you have any marketing questions or would like help with your marketing!

Radio Matters video

2015 Advertiser Sizzle from Radio Advertising Bureau on Vimeo.

As a small business owner or manager of a small business, what are you doing to market, promote and advertise your business, to get more customers or clients?  Are you actively seeking new customers or are you sitting behind the counter, waiting for them to come in?

There are billions of ad dollars being spent across the United States. Your competitors are taking money out of your pocket and you may not even realize it. Smart for them, bad for you, right?  Create a marketing plan, follow it and track your growth by register sales. Any marketing or advertising you do is an investment in future business. It is NOT an expense!

If your competitors are advertising and you’re not, they are getting 100% of the listeners attention, and will most likely get the sale when the product or service is needed.

Be KNOWN before you’re NEEDED!

Radio is all about being known before you’re needed. People don’t hear a commercial, turn the car around and head to that business just because they heard a commercial… that’s not how it works.

Let’s say JM Father & Sons Plumbing runs a radio campaign (buys commercials) on a station that targets men ages 25-54. His ads run for 13 weeks compared to Unknown Plumbing who isn’t doing any advertising at all.

The station JM uses, reaches 165,000 18+ adult listeners each week.  For 13 weeks, 165K listeners are hearing commercials for JM Father & Sons Plumbing.  They may not need a plumber today, but hearing it over and over (like a Chinese water torture drop of water hitting your forehead), JM and his boys are keeping their name TOP OF MIND with his potential customers.

Name two jewelry stores out loud, quick! Why did you choose them? Odds are, it’s because you’ve seen a TV commercial, heard their name on your favorite radio station or saw them on a billboard or print article recently. That’s being TOP OF MIND!

Over at Unknown Plumbing,  20 people, through word of mouth alone, told friends about their positive experience with Unknown Plumbing and two threatened to leave one star ratings on their facebook page……

If just 3% of 165K weekly listeners, heard the ads on a consistent basis over the 13 weeks, that’s 4,950 new potential customers per week.  Who do you think they are going to call if the need arises, for a plumber? The name that they already KNOW. JM Father & Sons Plumbing!

They may not remember the number or website but when they go to Google to find a plumber, they will most likely ask Google for “JB Father and sons phone number” because that’s the name they know to call.

Can you see, how being top of mind, with a familiar name when needed, gives you a huge advantage over your competition?

I’m not saying if you advertise you are going to get 4,950 new customers each week you are on the air! I’m saying if that many people hear your ad AND THEN SOME OF THEM have a new need for a plumber, you have a much higher chance of winning the business over your competition who isn’t advertising!

If you’ve tried radio in the past and didn’t get results, let me help you change that. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, Maybe you weren’t running enough commercials per week or you didn’t run a regular schedule for several weeks or maybe the ad copy was the problem or the budget was too small or any of a million other excuses WHY it didn’t work. The point is, you want something that will work!

Keith Hanshaw My name’s Keith. This website will provide free marketing help for small business owners, managers and decision makers. While I only work in the Central Pennsylvania area, I can help you through this site, emails, phone or even through my network of marketing professionals, all over the USA.

I can put you in touch with someone in YOUR area, who can help you grow your business.

With so many options out there, Which one is right for your business? This site will discuss different marketing options like TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital, SEO, Email Marketing, Facebook, FaceMail, flyers and other opportunities available and within your budget.

I post a M-F daily marketing sales tip on my Linkedin page.  Send me a connect request and follow the free daily tips! I also post the daily sales tip under the SALES TIPS tab above.

How to use a viral video to market your business

Here is a great idea for a viral video commercial. The video has entertainment value because viewers are curious to see what is going to happen. Three important things to keep in mind when making or posting a video to Youtube: The title has to be catchy (Drone flies into restaurant), the thumbnail of the video has to be an interesting image that makes people want to click and watch and the video length should be as short as possible. 3 minutes max is the normal rule of thumb with some exceptions. This video works because it’s one continuous shot, it’s interesting and people are curious.

http://BoomerangGrill.com and http://HarrisburgComedyZone.com


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