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Adding value to sales calls

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Sales trainer/consultantDave Kahle

Try to bring something to every sales call that your customer would think is valuable.This can, of course, be your latest and greatest product or service, providing that it really would help them. Or, it may be a new way to implement something they have purchased from you in the past. Maybe it’s a copy of an article that you thought might help them. It can even be a good question you share with them that gets them thinking about their business in a different way.

After a few such calls, your customer will come to respect you and look forward to your calls, knowing that you’re not there just to work some agenda of yours,but rather he or she will come to expect to gain something from your sales calls.

You’ll find it easier to make appointments and get time with your customers when you’ve built in them the expectation that the time spent with you will be well worth the cost of it.

This is a long-range strategy. As you consistently hold to this strategy, overtime you’ll build up a certain expectation in the customer’s mind. Don’t expect an immediate payback from this strategy, but, nonetheless, stick to it for the long haul.

If you are guided by this principle of always bringing something of value,you’ll recognize that there is another side to this coin. If you have nothing to leave the customer that will be of value to that customer, you probably shouldn’t make the sales call. Don’t take his or her time.

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Asking for the sale….

Daily Sales Tip Free Marketing Help

by Sales trainer Peggy Carlaw

Here are some things to keep in mind to help you remember the importance of asking for the sale:

— If you’ve done a good job explaining the benefits of your product or service, you have every right to ask the prospect if they’d like the opportunity to enjoy those benefits by purchasing what you’re selling.

— People aren’t naïve; they know when someone’s trying to sell them something. It’s both odd and even a little rude when a salesperson makes a pitch and doesn’t follow through by asking for the business. The customer can be left wondering, “What’s the point of this? Does this salesperson really think I have nothing better to do with my time than hearing about this product?”

— Asking for the sale is the efficient thing to do. If you truly believe in what you’re selling, you’ll want to successfully meet the needs of as many prospects and customers as possible. Asking for the sale helps you do this by encountering any concerns or objections to overcome in this sale, or by giving the customer the right to say “no” and letting you move on to the next potential customer.

Remember, selling is a process of matching the needs of your customer with the benefits of your product. That process isn’t finished until you ask for the sale.

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Daily Sales Tip – Learn a healthy way to handle rejection

Keith Hanshaw, Media Consultant

by Sales consultant Wendy Connick

As a salesperson, you will experience rejection on a daily basis. That’s simply part of the job.

Over time, every salesperson learns to toughen up and shrug off those moments, but not every salesperson develops a healthy coping technique.

Successful salespeople often develop mind games that work well for them, such as considering every “no” as being a step closer to a “yes.” Find a coping strategy that works for you.