Recruiting – What’s working TODAY to fill your open positions!

This report is for recruiters and people responsible for hiring and filling positions in your company. No fluff, just facts!

Newspaper classified sections are down to a single page, delivering little to no results at all. Passive job seekers aren’t searching job boards for work but they are your best chance for filling open positions!

Passive job seekers are people who are currently employed in the field you are hiring for. A PASSIVE job seeker would be more likely to take another position if the opportunity had better pay, benefits, perks or working environment! By targeting passive job seekers with radio and digital, you reach not only the passive job seeker but their network of friends and family as well.

Take a look at the research that was just completed. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in learning more about HOW Cumulus Media can help you fill open positions here in Central PA or anywhere in the US! You can contact me directly at 717-901-3461 anytime.

Never harder to find a job than now!
Never harder to find a job than now!