C-Auto: A marketing program for Auto Dealers

C-Auto: A marketing program for Auto Dealers

C-Auto- A Marketing program that targets auto intenders and drives traffic to your dealership.

Everyone is looking for the best way to drive traffic to their dealership. Statistically, TV, Radio and digital are the top three choices. Radio puts you in front of a large audience and you need to be able to REACH people with your offer! With TV viewership on a decline, especially with ad watching and retention, digital and radio are a great one two punch!

C-Auto is a Cumulus Digital product that first, creates an “intender list” comprised of names, emails and physical addresses of thousands of people in your area, who RECENTLY showed interest in purchasing a vehicle.

Once we have a list, we TARGET these individuals by displaying custom created banner ads for YOUR dealership, on websites and mobile apps that they already use. These are not intrusive pop up type ads, these appear in the normal feed of whatever website they are browsing. We create the custom sizes needed, to fit in any ad format available. Here is an example of where your display ad would appear on any given website.

Here is what they would look like on a mobile device.

We target both your competitors lots as well as the custom list based on the demographic, geography and house hold income level you’re looking to reach.

We’re able to target your competitors using geo-fence technology. We actually draw an invisible fence around their entire lot and building. Then, when a customer enters that geo-fence, we capture their IP address. Some phones can’t be tracked so we don’t get all of them but we get a lot!

We gather these unique IP addresses and then, for the next 30 days, deliver banner ads to these people, up to four times a day.

We’re able to TRACK the effectiveness of the geo-fence locations by using a CONVERSION ZONE. A Conversion Zone is a geo-fence around your dealer location. When someone is targeted in a competitor geo-fence, we capture their IP address. When that SAME IP ADDRESS enters YOUR conversion zone, or your dealership, we can show a direct connection between that person being served one of your ads and then walking into your business.

Research shows, successful advertising shares eight characteristics. This study was done over a six year period and looked at 3,200 successful advertising campaigns. Radio, is the ONLY local media option available, that delivers ALL EIGHT of them. That’s why radio consistently delivers the HIGHEST ROI or any local media option out there.

In fact, for every dollar you spend you get about $10 back. That’s an unbeatable 10:1 which is 3 to 4 times HIGHER than any other option out there.

That’s why we use radio as part of this program. They HEAR your message on the radio, which builds trust and credibility for your brand and they SEE your message in the banner ads.

At the end of your three month campaign, you will receive a complete list of your targets to include any emails and residential addresses we collected. You can use this data to build your CRM and actually continue marketing to them, with a residential geo-fence program!

With addressable geo-fencing, we’re able to take your list of addresses and create geo-fences around EVERY INDIVIDUAL ADDRESS on your list (up to 1 million addresses). We then target EVERY internet connected device in the home and continue to deliver your display ads to the connected devices in the home.

C-Auto is the hottest new targeting tactic on the market, that WILL drive traffic into your dealership! Contact me today to set up a meeting to see how we can make this work with YOUR dealership!

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at 717-901-3461 or by clicking the email link at the top right side of the page!

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