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How to get your customers back

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How to get your customers back after Covid

Cumulus Media will be hosting a free 20 minute webinar on how to get your customers back.

Join us on Thursday August 27th at 2PM or Friday August 28th at 10AM to learn how you can look back, as far as January 2019, and find your (and similar) customers.

Real people who have visited YOUR location(s), your competitor’s location or relevant expos and events where your potential customers may be. Then we’ll show you how you can place YOUR ads in front of these people on their smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops! We can drive traffic to your website or store location and even track HOW MANY of these previous or potential customers actually walk through your door!

Here is the link to connect to the webinar. My name is Keith Hanshaw if anyone asks who invited you!


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