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Daily Sales Tip: Pause and listen

Source: Sales consultant Colleen Francis Let’s be honest: Do you really listen to what your customers have to say, or are you just catching your breath between questions?  If that sounds a little too familiar, try counting silently to three (at a regular speaking pace!) every time your prospect finishes talking.  This will give them…
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Daily Sales tip: Sizing up the competition

by Business author Mark Faust The best lens through which to see your competitors is that of your customers. Regularly asking customers who and what the alternatives to your solutions are may increase selling effectiveness. The following questions will help you establish positioning points for a product or service: — What do you offer the…
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Daily Sales Tip Free Marketing Help

Daily Sales Tip: Silence can be golden

Don’t be scared of silence.

Allow the prospect time to talk. Most of the time, they will tell you their challenges, which you wouldn’t have come to learn if you rushed into speaking.

Adding value to sales calls

Sales trainer/consultantDave Kahle Try to bring something to every sales call that your customer would think is valuable.This can, of course, be your latest and greatest product or service, providing that it really would help them. Or, it may be a new way to implement something they have purchased from you in the past. Maybe…
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Daily Sales Tip – When in a slump, do something else you’re good at

Sales trainer Shari Alexander Sales situations can push you outside of your comfort zone, and sometimes a slump is a symptom of being outside your comfort zone for too long. Even if you are the type of person who thrives on being outside of your comfort zone, you still need those moments when you’re completely…
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