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If you’re a small business owner or involved in the growth, success and future of a business, you need to get customers in your door but how do you do it? Recently, Cumulus Media hosted nine free 45 minute marketing seminars called “Build A Plan for Your Brand” and it focused on understanding WHY people buy things, how triggering events affect you being shopped and what you can do to grow your business. They show you the research behind the facts and give you the tools to make your own decision!  If you would like to READ through the presentation on your own, click here:


Marketing 101: Build a plan for your brand presentation



Recruitment Solutions – Using Targeted Digital display ads to snipe employees from the competition!

RECRUITERS and HR professionals:

How to target the passive job seeker for today’s recruiter


Watch this short video and contact me if you would like to schedule a web demo online. This free marketing help website is here to provide research and help you get the most from your hiring 

If you’re a recruiter you’ve, no doubt, found it harder to fill your open positions.  Watch this short video and learn how you can target and hire the passive job seeker, currently working at a competing office nearby!

We can help get the RIGHT people to your door and but it’s up to YOU to give them a reason to come! What do you have to offer that is better than where you’re fishing for employees? Do you offer better pay, working conditions, benefits, or something that would be a compelling reason to leave the place they are currently employed, to come work for you? We have the ability, through geo-fencing, to target your competitors work location and then, ping the cell phones of anyone who goes inside the building. Then, for the next thirty days, we deliver YOUR banner ad to these individuals, up to four times a day.

Fish where the fish are. Get MORE customer IN your door with targeted geo-fencing technology!

Retail Business: How to GET MORE customers in your door!

Watch this short video and if you’re interested in seeing a web demo about how this could work for YOUR business, contact me and I’ll schedule a demo! This free marketing help website will provide research and info to help you make the most of your advertising or hiring budget!

Sometimes it makes sense to find customers that are in other business locations that have a similar theme. For this example, let’s use a wedding photographer as the example. A wedding photographer may find highly qualified leads for wedding photography services by targeting the customers going into a local wedding dress shop, a wedding catering business or Cake shop right?

We have the ability to TARGET customers INSIDE these other businesses and then, for the next thirty days, deliver YOUR digital display banner ad to these people, directly on their smart phones!