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Recruitment Solutions

If you’re in the HR recruitment business and you’re finding it hard to fill positions, talk to me about our recruitment solutions or click the image above to learn how we can help get your message in front of the competition’s employees and get them to walk into your office to apply for YOUR job!


Retail Advertising & Marketing

The MAIN reason to advertise is to be the brand or business people think about FIRST, and feel best about, when an event happens in their life that requires the product or service you offer. You need to be KNOWN before you’re needed and I can walk you through the best way to maximize your advertising budget.


Advertising tips & Tricks

People buy for two reasons; the NEED it or they WANT it. The decision to buy happens in the mind so it’s important to know how to stand out from the crowd! This website is full of training videos and research articles to help you get the most out of your marketing. Fish where the fish are and you will see results!

Daily Sales Tip HOT

If you control or influence the marketing or recruitment decisions for multiple markets, I can coordinate and be a single point of contact for any radio or digital marketing you need to place, across the country.

If you’re a local business that has multiple locations and conducts business outside of your home market, contact me. I can coordinate any radio or digital media buy that you’re looking to place, across the country.  Cumulus Media has 428 radio stations in 87 US Markets. You can click this link to search for a secific market or state. https://www.cumulusmedia.com/listen/station-finder/

Do you conduct business outside of this market?

Where else do you have store locations? Do you sell online to customers outside of this market? If so, I can create a coordinated radio and digital campaign that will help you grow your business or fill your employment  positions.

Do you control (or influence) the marketing decisions for other markets?

If you’re handling multiple markets for marketing or recruiting, I may be able to help coordinate a custom plan based on your goals and budgets.

Based on your success locally, do you have plans to grow?

If you’re expanding outside of the market, We can replicate our strategy here, in your other locations. With radio they hear your message. With digital we Target YOUR ideal customer or employee and put your offer in front of them.
I’m here to simplify your radio and digital marketing across multiple markets.

Fish where the fish are.

 Get MORE customer IN your door with targeted digital geo-fencing technology!

Watch this short video and if you’re interested in seeing a web demo about how this could work for YOUR business, contact me and I’ll schedule a demo! This free marketing help website will provide research and info to help you make the most of your advertising or hiring budget!

Sometimes it makes sense to find customers that are in other business locations that have a similar theme. For this example, let’s use a wedding photographer as the example. A wedding photographer may find highly qualified leads for wedding photography services by targeting the customers going into a local wedding dress shop, a wedding catering business or Cake shop right?

We have the ability to TARGET customers INSIDE these other businesses and then, for the next thirty days, deliver YOUR digital display banner ad to these people, directly on their smart phones!

Daily Sales Tips

Looking for research on what works best? Need help getting more customers or hire more employees? Check out the daily sales tips!

Having Trouble Hiring?

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