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Recruitment Solutions

I talked to a recruiter for a small local business the other day, about their recruitment solutions. Getting some companies to look at something NEW is tough… especially when “that’s how they’ve ALWAYS done it!” She told me her boss still pays to advertise in the yellow pages and classified section….. “What?” If you’re using outdated methods like the yellow pages, to attract new customers, you’re wasting your money. The same goes for recruiting. If you’re spending money in newspaper classified sections or online job boards, you’re wasting money!

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Even the job boards believe Radio is where your marketing should be!

Watch my video below to find out why!

Indeed, one of the biggest job boards online, is one of the TOP 3 radio advertisers across the country! (Geico, Home Depot and Indeed) Even the job boards believe RADIO is where your marketing should be! If you want to catch fish, the old phrase stands true, “Fish where the fish are” and in your case, as a recruiter, the fish are in other people’s fish tanks!

With unemployment being at an all-time low, you have to think outside the box when targeting new recruits. Your recruitment solutions that used to work aren’t working. Passive job seekers are the “NEW” job seekers! A passive job seeker is someone who currently does the job you need done but for someone else. Head hunting is another term that means the same thing; hiring employees away from other companies.

Here is a short video that explains how we can help target specific employees inside your competitors buildings!

If you need a recruitment solution that works, contact me for a free, no obligation online demo to discuss how this could work for your unique situation. It doesn’t matter where you are in the USA. We can geo-fence and target any business, building, campus or event and get YOUR recruitment message in front of the RIGHT people! Recruitment solutions that WORK!

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RecruitSend for the CDL Trucking Recruiter

RecruitSend: For filling your open positions!

Unemployment is at an all time low and filling open CDL Driver positions is getting harder to do! RecruitSend can target and reach IN-NOW job seekers, looking for trucking jobs near you. According to recent polls, unemployment is down to 4.3% as hiring slows nationwide.

RecruitSend is a brand new way to reach the IN-NOW job seeker by targeting your highest prospective applicants, who have been searching for a job in the past seven days. We can target ANY facility location and career field in the US and search for qualified job applicants by distance, county, job type or any other criteria, to help you fill your open positions quickly, and efficiently. We have had much success using the RecruitSend program to target potential job seekers and it’s a way to target them directly in their email inbox!

Our minimum campaign is launched to at least 25,000 highly targeted prospects.

The count and cost in the presentation below, is just an example from searching the central PA counties. Your count and cost would be relevant to your situation.

If you’re interested in getting a count for your specific area, or another facility location, please provide the address of the facility and the types of jobs you’re filling. I can get you a count for how many people in your area, have been searching for jobs in the past seven days.

RecruitSend for the CDL Trucking Recruiter

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