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Daily Sales Tip – The value of empathy

Sales trainer/speaker Colleen Stanley Most sales coaching and training programs don’t teach an important skill for influencing people: empathy. Empathy is an emotional intelligence skill, defined as the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. It’s the ability to know what another person is thinking or feeling. Without empathy in sales, a salesperson…
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Daily Sales Tip – Watch the competition

Be aware when your competitors make changes to their processes or staff. Sometimes their customers feel neglected or underserved when changes are made that may cause problems with service, quality or delivery. There is no better time for a salesperson to make serious inroads on accounts that had always seemed locked up by a competitor.…
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Daily Sales Tip – The two most powerful words

Frequent flyers know that travel sometimes can be inconvenient. Delays, cancellations, crowded airports and planes can all add up to stress. Delta is the airline I fly generally, and they do several things that make their passengers feel special and appreciated. If you are a “Medallion Status” flyer, they always make a point of greeting…
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Daily Sales Tip – Always sell to people

This may seem obvious, but it cannot be emphasized enough: You are not selling to an organization or to a conglomerate, but to actual, real people. It is important to remember that all people are different, so you cannot sell the same way to everyone. Second, no two sales are the same, even if they…
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Daily Sales Tip – Use loyal customers as leverage

Proven results are a major selling point, which is why so many salespeople rely on buyer testimonials to boost their credibility. Used correctly, testimonials and case studies can create the type of urgency that compels a prospect to buy. Case studies can also demonstrate how your products and services have helped some of the prospect’s…
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