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Daily Sales tip: Sizing up the competition

by Business author Mark Faust The best lens through which to see your competitors is that of your customers. Regularly asking customers who and what the alternatives to your solutions are may increase selling effectiveness. The following questions will help you establish positioning points for a product or service: — What do you offer the…
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Daily Sales Tip: Establish rapport first

by Sales consultant Dianne Durkin Being very excited and motivated about sales, salespeople often want potential clients to know all of the wonderful features, facts and benefits about their company, products and services. This leads many salespeople into presentation mode, or as some refer to it, “pitch mode,” when instead, they should launch into a…
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RECRUITERS: This is for you!

Recruiters: If you’re a recruiter you’re well aware of the difficulty in filling open positions now. Here’s NEW cutting edge technology that’s going to make filling your positions a LOT easier! Contact me if you would like to schedule a free demo online!

RecruitSend for the CDL Trucking Recruiter

RecruitSend: For filling your open positions! Unemployment is at an all time low and filling open CDL Driver positions is getting harder to do! RecruitSend can target and reach IN-NOW job seekers, looking for trucking jobs near you. According to recent polls, unemployment is down to 4.3% as hiring slows nationwide. RecruitSend is a brand new…
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RECRUITSEND targets job seekers near you!

Looking to Hire? Watch this :90 video and check out how RECRUITSEND can help you hire a better qualified candidate, by finding job seekers from the past 7 days in a targeted geography. This is a service that I can offer to ANY recruiter across the country because we search based on your desired target area. If you…
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