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Daily Sales Tip – Dealing with an angry client

Prospects who react strongly to what you present, even with anger, are going to be more involved and passionate about your offerings. Sometimes the best strategy is to let them vent. Anger is emotional, not logical. Often as prospects vent anger they will not give a logical reason for it. If you listen carefully for…
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Daily Sales Tip – Be thankful for objections

Objections give you valuable information. They can tell you what is most important to your customer, and they can tell you specifically where your company’s solution has failed to meet a need. The flipside is that objections can also be an indicator that you didn’t spend enough time identifying your customer’s needs to be able…
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Daily Sales Tip – Simplifying the Process

Don’t make “Alternative Revenue” or “New Business Development” a monkey on your back. Ask yourself, “How much new business revenue do I want to bill in the next 12 months?” Divide various opportunities in terms of, “I want to bill one vendor or program for $40,000, two dealer groups for $20,000 each…” and so on.…
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Daily Sales Tip – An answer to one of the most difficult questions

It’s no surprise that one of the most critical pieces of information to get from a prospect is possibly the most difficult question to ask. And that is: “What’s your advertising budget?” For the same reason you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling a stranger, or likely even a friend, about your personal finances, clients hate talking…
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Daily Sales Tip – LISTEN UP!

Here are three benefits of good listening: 1. Listening builds trust. The best salespeople are good listeners who seem concerned with customer needs and help them purchase products or services in a cost-effective way. 2. Listening lowers resistance. It reduces tension and defensiveness on the part of customers who realize they aren’t going to be…
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