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TRADE for it

Not ready to pay for it? TRADE for it!

I’m working on a February promotion and I’m looking for big ticket items to TRADE for advertising: Home Improvements (roof, kitchen, windows, bath), car, motorcycle, ATV, side by side, snowmobile, wedding packages, school tuition, clothing, Lasik surgery, recreation / vacations, braces or invisalign treatments, apartment rentals / lease, jewelry, or $1,000 gift certificates to your…
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Free 2020 Marketing Plan Help

Free 2020 Marketing Plan help

Local business owners, setting appointments now thru October 16th for free 2020 Marketing Plan help in Central PA (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster) If you’re a business owner in Central PA or an HR Manager in charge of hiring, I’m scheduling appointments between now and October 16th to offer free help putting together a 2020 Marketing Plan to help…
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How to do “direct mail” Better. Step 1: Stop doing direct mail.

Learn how to do a direct mail campaign better!

Political Advertising

Political Advertising / How to

Radio is proven to drive name recognition and communicate key messages – and when you introduce digital to the mix, the combination further targets, educates, and motivates prospective voters to show up on election day for you.  We can provide the RADIO and DIGITAL solutions to help you BE KNOWN and BE REMEMBERED and BE…
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Innovation and Growth requires doing something differently

Recruiters, STOP the “That’s how we’ve always done it” cycle and try something different if you want to evolve and get in front of top talent! If you’re a recruiter and you’re still posting to newspaper classifieds… I’m here to tell you you’re wasting your companies money. Stop trying to attract the unemployed through newspaper…
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