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Innovation and Growth requires doing something differently

Recruiters, STOP the “That’s how we’ve always done it” cycle and try something different if you want to evolve and get in front of top talent! If you’re a recruiter and you’re still posting to newspaper classifieds… I’m here to tell you you’re wasting your companies money. Stop trying to attract the unemployed through newspaper…
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Ask for the Order!

This is one of the top 3 reasons why reps don’t get the business. They just don’t ask for it.  Don’t focus on the outcome, focus on the process. If you’ve done the right things in the right way, it becomes your professional responsibility to be assertive. When should you close? Early and often! Asking…
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Radio Works!

Answer the WHY

Answer the ‘why’ “Why should I stop what I am doing to listen to you? Why is your product or service better than the competition? Why do I need your product or service? Why should I believe you?”  In all of your communications and conversations, a series of “why questions” are circling around your prospects’…
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Make them feel comfortable

Make them feel comfortable

Make them feel comfortable People never say what they really mean…at first. Most individuals learn from a very early age that saying what is really on their minds can have negative consequences.  As a result, they are cautious to express their real feelings until they feel “safe enough” with another person. The professional salesperson “peels…
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