Case Study – Using Digital Display for Hair Salons

Case Study – Using Digital Display for Hair Salons

Case Study on Hair Salons
Case Study on Hair Salons

Campaign Dates: Part 1: 8/12 – 9/12/20, Part 2: 11/5 – 12/5/20 (excluding Thanksgiving Holiday weekend), & Part 3: December 10, 2020 – January 10, 2021 by Brenda Jones, Cumulus Media

Challenge: To increase business during a pandemic by creating awareness of safety precautions implemented in each store while also measuring the activity of which stores perform best.

Goal: Increase Store Traffic at 5 Katy locations & 4 Houston, TX locations (total of 9x stores), and 3 store locations in Cyprus, TX. 

Solution: Utilizing Targeted Addressable Geofence, Advanced Targeted, & minimal social (FB & IG). Display within a 3-mile radius of each store.

Client Goals

Increase foot traffic using TAG and ATD products, with some Facebook & Instagram, displaying coupon offer for the specific store locations. 

Campaigns were split into two in order to pin-point which out of the 5 Katy store locations performed best as well as the other 4 locations.

Digital Campaign Tactics Used

•Targeted Addressable Geofence

•Advanced Targeted Display

•Facebook Newsfeed Targeting

•Instagram Newsfeed Targeting 

•People Based Marketing Email (2 deployments)

•Landing page for coupons


After seeing what did work and how to harness it we focused on Addressable geo-fencing within 3 miles of each store.

This allowed us to focused on the foot traffic and drive results each week. Our efforts quickly led to 20 new patrons in just 1 week. Using Social Media to increase branding and help push people into the stores.

In the end over 671 walk-ins and over 435 first time customers. This means we had over 236 repeat customers helping  to add to the campaigns success.

How it Worked

Key creative Messages

  • Clickable discount code valid for the participating locations.
  • Including safety measures the stores are implementing.

Digital integrations included

Target Audience •Adults 18+, homes w/ children in the household, grandparents, individuals that frequent hair salons and spas.

Target Geo •Zip codes within a 3-mile radius of each of the 9x stores Shopping centers / Market Places

Campaign reach and frequency

Reach 840K
Campaign Length3 Months

Campaign Creatives

Key Takeaways

  • Overall, the campaigns recorded great conversions on a weekly basis.
    • Total Delivered Impressions: 840,219
    • Total Conversions: 671
    • Total Unique shoppers: 435
    • Pure digital and no radio elements (mid-August through mid-January)
    • Began with a mix of social media and C-Suite products
    • Monitored closely to maximize efforts
    • The first part of the campaign showed tremendous success in one area enough for the advertiser to want to expand on the other locations.
    • Ads were designed to not only create brand awareness but also cater to how the economy has shifted to more digital aspects in their daily lives while also including a coupon incentive.
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