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Answer the WHY

Answer the ‘why’ “Why should I stop what I am doing to listen to you? Why is your product or service better than the competition? Why do I need your product or service? Why should I believe you?”  In all of your communications and conversations, a series of “why questions” are circling around your prospects’…
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Make them feel comfortable

Make them feel comfortable

Make them feel comfortable People never say what they really mean…at first. Most individuals learn from a very early age that saying what is really on their minds can have negative consequences.  As a result, they are cautious to express their real feelings until they feel “safe enough” with another person. The professional salesperson “peels…
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Express your gratitude

When dealing with objections, express your gratitude Always thank your customer… when they put an objection in front of you, because this is an opportunity to address it and move on with your deal.  In fact, ask them about all of their concerns and objections right up front and you’ll receive even more opportunities to…
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Recruitment Solution

How to get top talent

Getting top talent to look at your job offer Filling positions isn’t the same as it was ten years ago or even last year, for that matter! With the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7% over the past three months, filling positions is getting more complicated as the available workforce dries up. Anyone who WANTS…
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bad day

When in a slump, do something else you’re good at

Sales situations can push you outside of your comfort zone, and sometimes a slump is a symptom of being outside your comfort zone for too long. Even if you are the type of person who thrives on being outside of your comfort zone, you still need those moments when you’re completely in your element, doing…
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