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Keith Hanshaw - Media Consultant
Advertising during Difficult Times RAB

Advertising During Difficult Times

COVID-19 has created the ultimate disruption in everyone’s life.  It will also create opportunity for those that can adapt to this new environment.  RADIO can help businesses like never before.  RADIO is the #1 REACH medium.  RADIO delivers the HIGHEST ROI.  RADIO is the most COST EFFICIENT option when advertising budgets have never been tighter…
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Daily Sales Tip HOT

The Two Biggest Mistakes

The two biggest mistakes made by salespeople are:Failure to have a plan prior to the presentation. Successful salespeople go into a presentation with an order of events they plan to demonstrate. They make it easy for prospects to grasp ideas without having to work too hard. Taking things too personally. Some salespeople forget that selling is a…
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TRADE for it

Not ready to pay for it? TRADE for it!

I’m working on a February promotion and I’m looking for big ticket items to TRADE for advertising: Home Improvements (roof, kitchen, windows, bath), car, motorcycle, ATV, side by side, snowmobile, wedding packages, school tuition, clothing, Lasik surgery, recreation / vacations, braces or invisalign treatments, apartment rentals / lease, jewelry, or $1,000 gift certificates to your…
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