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Sales Tips

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Daily Sales Tip – Always sell to people

This may seem obvious, but it cannot be emphasized enough: You are not selling to an organization or to a conglomerate, but to actual, real people. It is important to remember that all people are different, so you cannot sell the same way to everyone. Second, no two sales are the same, even if they…
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Daily Sales Tip – Use loyal customers as leverage

Proven results are a major selling point, which is why so many salespeople rely on buyer testimonials to boost their credibility. Used correctly, testimonials and case studies can create the type of urgency that compels a prospect to buy. Case studies can also demonstrate how your products and services have helped some of the prospect’s…
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Daily Sales Tip – Selling from the heart

Top salespeople have heart. They are true to themselves and their clients. They recognize that people on both ends of a transaction do better when they walk away feeling good about what just happened. When you sell from the heart, success follows. Because when you are true to yourself and you don’t compromise your principles,…
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Daily Sales Tip – Know those ‘unwritten’ expectations

Customer satisfaction is a very subjective thing to measure. It really is a matter of perception and experience. If you meet or exceed the “unsaid-unwritten” expectations of your customers, their perception will be a positive one. Fail to meet these expectations, and you will find them less than satisfied or happy with you. One method…
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Daily Sales Tip – Helping the prospect make a decision

People don’t buy simply on your say-so. A prospect must go through a period of self-discovery before making the decision that your product or service is the right solution. Resistance is pre-programmed and people don’t like to be told what to do (or buy). A better approach than “selling by telling” is to ask key…
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