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Advertising During Difficult Times

Helping your business GROW through effective radio and digital marketing and advertising.

Advertising during Difficult Times RAB

Advertising during Difficult Times RAB

COVID-19 has created the ultimate disruption in everyone’s life.  It will also create opportunity for those that can adapt to this new environment. 

RADIO can help businesses like never before. 

RADIO is the #1 REACH medium. 

RADIO delivers the HIGHEST ROI. 

RADIO is the most COST EFFICIENT option when advertising budgets have never been tighter or more stressed. 

RADIO can quickly air your NEW & UPDATED MESSAGING without delay or high production costs.

Main reason to advertise
Article by RAB https://www.rab.com/

Be known before you're needed

If your restaurant is open for take-out, now is the time to make sure everyone knows.

 WINK 104 wants to help you get the word out and drive customers to your location.

 Sweet Deals is a cash free marketing program exclusively for local restaurants.

 WINK 104 will promote your take-out business to thousands of on-air listeners and thousands more online fans.

 Let WINK 104 help your restaurant today with a cash free, local marketing program that has worked for hundreds of other restaurants over the last 10 years.

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