Recruiting in 2019: How to

Recruitment Solutions

If you’re in the HR or recruiting business, you’ve no doubt found it harder to fill positions.

Recruitment Solutions for 2019

With unemployment being under 4%, posting classified ads and spending thousands of dollars on job board listings delivers less than desirable results.

Why? Because everyone who wants to work is gainfully employed. In the past, recruiters would get multiple applicants for every position and sift through resumes looking for the right candidate. In today’s hiring world, you need to target the PASSIVE job seeker. The new focus is on sniping employees from competitors. Passive job seekers are currently employed. They get up every morning and go to work and do the same job you need them to do, just for someone else. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find employees who have been at the same job for ten or twenty years or more. People had loyalty to their job and the role they played in their business. Twenty years ago, people weren’t looking for a “new job” unless they wanted more pay or were unhappy where they currently were.

In 2019 we have to approach the hiring and recruiting process differently. With digital technology, we can now target passive job seekers who are currently working inside specific buildings. If you’re hiring warehouse workers (to include material handlers and forklift operators) and you need to keep a constant stream of applicants coming in, fish where the fish are!

Fish where the fish are

I read an article by Wayne Ens called “Lessons from a fish.” He points out some interesting points:

  • Bigger bait catches bigger fish – By targeting competing businesses, you are reaching a company full of potential new hires!
  • Fish in non-traditional places – Classified newspaper sections and job boards are no longer the best choice. Even job boards are using radio to attract the active job seekers! Using Digital allows you to target down to WHO is working inside a specific building!
  • Change your approach – Geo-fenced targeted digital marketing is a new recruitment solution tool. Don’t get stuck in the rut of “doing what you’ve always done” because that doesn’t work anymore, in 2019! If you’re struggling to fill positions, try a new approach!

Here is a brief 2 minute video to explain how it works!

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Recruitment Solutions #RecruitmentSolutions

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions

I talked to a recruiter for a small local business the other day, about their recruitment solutions. Getting some companies to look at something NEW is tough… especially when “that’s how they’ve ALWAYS done it!” She told me her boss still pays to advertise in the yellow pages and classified section….. “What?” If you’re using outdated methods like the yellow pages, to attract new customers, you’re wasting your money. The same goes for recruiting. If you’re spending money in newspaper classified sections or online job boards, you’re wasting money!

Keith Hanshaw Employee Sniper

Even the job boards believe Radio is where your marketing should be!

Watch my video below to find out why!

Indeed, one of the biggest job boards online, is one of the TOP 3 radio advertisers across the country! (Geico, Home Depot and Indeed) Even the job boards believe RADIO is where your marketing should be! If you want to catch fish, the old phrase stands true, “Fish where the fish are” and in your case, as a recruiter, the fish are in other people’s fish tanks!

With unemployment being at an all-time low, you have to think outside the box when targeting new recruits. Your recruitment solutions that used to work aren’t working. Passive job seekers are the “NEW” job seekers! A passive job seeker is someone who currently does the job you need done but for someone else. Head hunting is another term that means the same thing; hiring employees away from other companies.

Here is a short video that explains how we can help target specific employees inside your competitors buildings!

If you need a recruitment solution that works, contact me for a free, no obligation online demo to discuss how this could work for your unique situation. It doesn’t matter where you are in the USA. We can geo-fence and target any business, building, campus or event and get YOUR recruitment message in front of the RIGHT people! Recruitment solutions that WORK!

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Daily Sales tip: Sizing up the competition

by Business author Mark Faust

Daily Sales Tip Free Marketing Help

The best lens through which to see your competitors is that of your customers. Regularly asking customers who and what the alternatives to your solutions are may increase selling effectiveness.

The following questions will help you establish positioning points for a product or service:

— What do you offer the customer that no one else offers? (Points of competitive uniqueness.) Unique advantages of a product or service are rare.

— What do you offer that is demonstratively better than the competition? (Points of competitive advantage.) Advantages are most powerful when you have proof of your advantage’s reality and value.

— Where are you equal with your competitors? (Points of equality.) Calling out an equality may help neutralize a competitor who touts it as an advantage.

— What are your weaknesses that may hinder your offering to the customer? (Points of competitive weakness.) This weakness can be re-positioned as a chosen weakness that highlights the competitive advantage of your offering. A higher price may mean better quality and service. 

Daily Sales Tip: Establish rapport first

Daily Sales Tip Free Marketing Help

by Sales consultant Dianne Durkin

Being very excited and motivated about sales, salespeople often want potential clients to know all of the wonderful features, facts and benefits about their company, products and services. This leads many salespeople into presentation mode, or as some refer to it, “pitch mode,” when instead, they should launch into a thorough Q&A session that will help them build rapport and gain the potential client’s respect.

Leave barraging the client with facts and figures to your competitors. Smart salespeople will ask questions so they can better understand potential client needs. The clients will tell you how they perceive their situation by answering your questions.

After listening, sales reps can then use the client’s terms and tone of voice to represent their products or services, and use the client’s words to explain how you and your company can best meet their overall needs and objectives.

Being very excited and motivated about sales, salespeople often want potential clients to know all of the wonderful features...