How to do “direct mail” Better. Step 1: Stop doing direct mail.

How to do “direct mail” Better. Step 1: Stop doing direct mail.

How to do “direct mail” Better. Step 1: Stop doing direct mail.

This article will show you how to accomplish the same results as a direct mail piece, without the cost of printing or postage. It will also show you how to reach the SAME PEOPLE that are on your mailing list, up to FOUR times per day for thirty days!

A direct mail piece has a frequency of 1. That means when the recipient of your mail piece gets it in the mail, they see it one time and have an option to either act on it, or throw it away. Once they throw it away, it’s GONE for good!

You can accomplish MUCH better results with Cumulus Media’s “Addressable Geo-Fencing technology and here’s why!

There are four keys to SUCCESSFUL advertising campaigns:

You need to REACH a LOT of people with your message because not everyone is going to be interested in your product or service. Starting with your mailing list, of up to one million addresses, we can geo-fence EACH house on your list.

Imagine a satellite image of a neighborhood, where you could cherry pick houses to receive your message. That’s what addressable geo-fencing does!

Now that we have our list of addresses to target, we begin collecting IP addresses of every internet connected device in that home. Smart phones, computers, tablets and laptops. We typically capture 3 to 4 devices PER home.

For the next 30 days, we deliver digital display ads (Banners) to these targets. We deliver display ads up to 4X per day, per device. We do this on websites and mobile apps your targets are already visiting or using. There is no need for them to see your ad on a specific website and they don’t need to download or install ANYTHING!

There are four different banner ad or digital display ad sizes. As you navigate websites, you see different ads pop up all the time. These are native ads in the website and that’s where we display YOUR MESSAGE to your targets. The image above shows you how they typically look on a computer or laptop. The image below shows you what they look like on a smart phone.

Frequency is the second key to successful advertising and instead of your direct mail piece hitting their mailbox ONE time, our banner ads will be displayed up to 4X per day for 30 days. That’s a frequency of 120 PER captured device in each home! ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TIMES vs 1 time. It’s a no brainer!

It gets better…

We can also draw an invisible line around your business and tag it as a “Conversion Zone” so we can track HOW MANY people physically WALKED IN YOUR DOOR as a direct result of your Addressable Geo-fencing campaign.. Now unless someone is walking in with their laptop or computer, you will most likely only be tracking MOBILE devices that were inside a target address, that show up inside your conversion zone! People don’t typically walk around with their desk top computer!

The cost is based on the size of your mailing list. For example, let’s say you have a mailing list with 1,000 customer addresses on it.

You would need a total 360,000 impressions to effectively serve 1,000 ADDRESSES (not people!) 4 banner ads a day for 30 days. Consistency is the third key to successful advertising and seeing your ad consistently and frequently over the next 30 days will increase your brand awareness and keep your business name TOP OF MIND!

In our example, think about what you spend to send out ONE direct mail piece ONE time to ONE customer vs what you would spend to reach the same customers (plus their family who lives in that address as well) and get your message in front of them for 120 times per month?

Here is an image you can use to figure out what it would cost to reach all or a part of your mailing list!

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