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Daily Sales Tip: Establish rapport first

by Sales consultant Dianne Durkin Being very excited and motivated about sales, salespeople often want potential clients to know all of the wonderful features, facts and benefits about their company, products and services. This leads many salespeople into presentation mode, or as some refer to it, “pitch mode,” when instead, they should launch into a…
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Daily Sales Tip Free Marketing Help

Daily Sales Tip: Silence can be golden

Don’t be scared of silence.

Allow the prospect time to talk. Most of the time, they will tell you their challenges, which you wouldn’t have come to learn if you rushed into speaking.

Daily Sales Tip: Get some face time

Sales is about interaction and there’s no better way to interact with your customer than to meet him or her in person. That’s simply the best way to truly understand customer needs and provide a solution that really matches those needs. It’s win-win.

RECRUITERS: This is for you!

Recruiters: If you’re a recruiter you’re well aware of the difficulty in filling open positions now. Here’s NEW cutting edge technology that’s going to make filling your positions a LOT easier! Contact me if you would like to schedule a free demo online!

Adding value to sales calls

Sales trainer/consultantDave Kahle Try to bring something to every sales call that your customer would think is valuable.This can, of course, be your latest and greatest product or service, providing that it really would help them. Or, it may be a new way to implement something they have purchased from you in the past. Maybe…
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