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Daily Sales Tip – Helping the prospect make a decision

People don’t buy simply on your say-so. A prospect must go through a period of self-discovery before making the decision that your product or service is the right solution. Resistance is pre-programmed and people don’t like to be told what to do (or buy). A better approach than “selling by telling” is to ask key…
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Daily Sales Tip – Cold-calling pitfalls to avoid

Sales consultant/author C.J. Hayden Here are three pitfalls usually associated with cold calling. You may correct them with a change in attitude: – Making the cold call approach confrontational rather than consultative. When prospects feel confrontation, they often feel provoked or challenged. Salespeople who are too anxious to close the sale in a cold call…
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Daily Sales Tip – Plan a debriefing session

Sales consultant/author Jill Konrath Always debrief your sales calls. This is the only way you can get better. Ask yourself: – What went well? – Where did I run into problems? – And what could I do next time to get even better results? This is absolutely the only way you will improve. Sales is…
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Daily Sales Tip – Breaking Out of a Slump

Slumps happen…. But the best salespeople have go-to methods that help them overcome slumps and get back to their winning ways. Here are some methods top salespeople use to get back on track when closing doesn’t come easy: Revisit the basics Slumps are great opportunities to revisit the fundamentals. Salespeople often find it’s the little…
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Daily Sales Tip – Asking the right questions

You need to ensure that you have rehearsed quality questions before you engage in client discussions. Jotting down a list of quality questions and rehearsing them live before making client calls or going on appointments is really helpful. Once you’ve created a list of questions, meet with a colleague and ask them the questions. You…
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