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Daily Sales Tip – Breaking Out of a Slump

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Keith Hanshaw, Media Consultant

Slumps happen…. But the best salespeople have go-to methods that help them overcome slumps and get back to their winning ways.

Here are some methods top salespeople use to get back on track when closing doesn’t come easy:

Revisit the basics

Slumps are great opportunities to revisit the fundamentals. Salespeople often find it’s the little things they’ve gotten away from that make the difference.

Choosing one basic skill to focus on can be an effective way to center a sales presentation or pinpoint the problem.

Reconnect with buyers

Most salespeople have loyal customers who appreciate their dedication and drive.

Those customers can provide the perfect boost of confidence a salesperson needs to get back on track. It may help to focus on these loyal customers for a couple of days instead of concentrating on new accounts.

Closing some repeat business may provide welcome success after struggling out in the field for a few weeks.

Reprioritize tasks

Top salespeople often break down their responsibilities by task to see if there are any opportunities for better time management. Is there a better time or day to cold call? Are there low-impact tasks eating up a salesperson’s time?

Reprioritizing gives salespeople a great chance to refocus on areas where they can have the most impact.

Source: Sales consultant/trainer Christine Corelli

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