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Daily Sales Tip – Make Eye Contact

This is a discipline instilled only through practice, and you can perfect it by recording yourself. If you want to be believed, it is vital to make eye contact with your prospect. It suggests interest in them and confidence in yourself, your products, your services, and in what you are proposing. Source: Sales trainer Grant…
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Daily Sales Tip – Don’t try to fool somebody

No matter how well you prepare, you may get stuck from time to time with objections you can’t answer immediately. When this happens, it’s best to respond in a straightforward and clear way. Prospects and customers generally feel better with an honest, “I don’t know,” than with a slick answer that has a hint of…
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Daily Sales Tip – Opening the Sales Call

Always start off a sales call by covering three things: 1) Gain a clear understanding of the amount of time the call will take; 2) Make sure the customer knows what the objective of the call is; 3) Relate the reason for the current sales call to the previous sales call you had with the…
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Daily Sales Tip – The two biggest mistakes

The two biggest mistakes made by salespeople are: Failure to have a plan prior to the presentation. Successful salespeople go into a presentation with an order of events they plan to demonstrate. They make it easy for prospects to grasp ideas without having to work too hard. Taking things too personally. Some salespeople forget that selling is…
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Daily Sales Tip – Be a storyteller

Bestselling authors and brothers Chip and Dan Heath wrote a book, Made to Stick, about how to create lasting ideas in the minds of those you communicate with. It was found through several studies that about 63 percent of people remembered the facts of a story while only about 5 percent remembered the same facts or…
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