Get your business in the game on CBS Sports Radio!

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Get your business in the game on CBS Sports Radio!

Get your business in every play by play game in 2018 on CBS Sports Radio

Keith Hanshaw

Keith Hanshaw

Account Executive at Cumulus Media @KeithHanshaw


Cumulus Media is offering our CBS Sports Radio ONE DAY SALE this Thursday, January 25, 2018. On this one day, you can purchase 35 commercials a week for 1 week or 52 weeks, for the lowest rates of 2018!

  • 35 commercials for as little as $233.10 per week with matching internet radio commercials

NCAA Basketball play by play from February 5th through March 11, 2018

March Madness play by play from March 12th through April 8, 2018

Baseball play by play from April 9th through September 2, 2018

NFL football play by play from September 3rd through December 31, 2018

To take advantage of this one day sale, contact Keith Hanshaw at 717-901-3641 or by email at

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