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Innovation and Growth requires doing something differently

Helping your business GROW through effective radio and digital marketing and advertising.

Recruiters, STOP the “That’s how we’ve always done it” cycle and try something different if you want to evolve and get in front of top talent! If you’re a recruiter and you’re still posting to newspaper classifieds… I’m here to tell you you’re wasting your companies money. Stop trying to attract the unemployed through newspaper classifieds job fairs and job boards! People who are already happy working where they are aren’t looking there!

With the unemployment rate being as low as it is, anyone who WANTS to work is gainfully employed. Target people who already do the job you need them to do. Get YOUR message ( and better offer) in front of people who are already doing the job for someone else! Radio and targeted digital display together make a GREAT recruitment solution! The number one key to successful advertising is REACH. You need to reach people and radio is America’s #1 mass media, reaching 92% of the population every week. Your potential applicants hear your message on the radio and then SEE your message through digital banner ads as they surf the internet or use apps on their phone.

Here’s the best part…. it works! The digital marketing is so tuned in now! We’re able to draw invisible fences around specific buildings or addresses and TARGET the employees INSIDE that business. Once we capture the available IP addresses in the building, we’re able to deliver digital display ads for YOUR OFFER, to these employees.

We target them up to 4 times per day for 30 days to keep your job offer top of mind with these targets.

Recruitment Solution

We create 4 different banner sizes to accommodate the correct ad size, based on teh website the target is visiting. Here is an example of the mobile banner size.

recruitment solution

If a potential target clicks on your ad, they are taken to your job listings on your website. We are also able to draw an invisible fence around YOUR business location and tag that as a “Conversion Zone.” If one of our targets from a competing business is served one of your banner ads (they don’t even have to click it!) and then physically WALKS INTO YOUR OFFICE TO APPLY…. we can track it!

conversion zones

It’s a way for you to hold our feet to the fire to ensure we are delivering results!

hold our feet to the fire

If you’ve been in the “That’s How We’ve Always Done It” rut and you’re ready for change, contact Keith to schedule a free consultation. He’ll show you how to get in front of the RIGHT candidates! 717-901-3461 is the number to call, to schedule a meeting!

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