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Political Advertising
Political Advertising

Radio is proven to drive name recognition and communicate key messages – and when you introduce digital to the mix, the combination further targets, educates, and motivates prospective voters to show up on election day for you. 

We can provide the RADIO and DIGITAL solutions to help you BE KNOWN and BE REMEMBERED and BE ELECTED. 

Be known. Create name awareness with our massive reach. People don’t vote for people they don’t know.

Be remembered. Connect your name to your point of view and important issues.

Be elected. Motivate and activate voters to go to the poll to vote for you.

We can do all of these things. How? Well, let’s first talk about why RADIO and why it should be the base buy in your campaign.

Marketing choices

We know there are a lot of marketing options out there and it’s often hard to decide which ones to choose. Research shows successful ad campaigns share 8 characteristics. Clearly every local media option has merits, and every local media option delivers some of the requirements you need for a successful campaign. But ONLY RADIO CHECKS ALL THE BOXES, and delivers ALL the characteristics that together are what drive the BEST advertising results…That’s why it should always be your base buy – no matter how many other platforms you use.

So no matter what – radio should always be your base buy if you want to drive top-of-mind awareness from just one medium, but adding additional platforms to a campaign increases impact incrementally. That’s why we recommend adding digital solutions to your radio campaign to give it that extra push.

Be known. Be remembered. Be Elected.

In summary, radio should be your base buy because it delivers on all 8 common characteristics for local media that drive the best results. You’ll get even better results when you add our comprehensive set of digital solutions using our unique data sets that hyper-target specific segments matching your campaign strategy. We use a collection of our digital solutions to hyper-target voter you want.

We are your one stop shop to help you BE KNOWN, BE REMEMBERED and BE ELECTED.

It all starts with identifying ideal voters, people who match the demographics, behavior and social scores that you provide. I’ve put together a sample ideal voter profile on the left hand side. Next, we find matches in our database. Rather than guessing at anonymous audiences, we’re targeting people whom we know by name and we are certain match specific voter criteria. Our database has 200 million REAL people with hundreds of data points associated with them.

How do I know they’re real? When we get data on people, we ensure first that they are electronically valid and active, and second to request permission from the individual to contact them. Upon completion of these steps we then revisit these email addresses every 15-30 days to ensure they are still active. This takes place on over 600 million unique contacts per month.

That means we can find real voters in your area. I know what area they live in, their household income, political party, if they made donations to previous campaigns, and even what they’ve been searching for online – and use them as the basis for our targeting. Let’s take Jane Smith for example. We know she’s a 32 year old woman who is a college graduate, has a veteran spouse and a child in Catholic school. We also know that she has previously attended political-based rallies.

Now that we have identified a set of ideal voters for you, we take that audience and deliver high frequency media to them. This means we’re making sure your ad appears wherever they’re going on the internet, whether that’s email, video ads, or just browsing on the web.

Our campaign is designed to reach that SPECIFIC person where we know they will be the most engaged. Going back to our example ideal voter, Jane Smith, we’re going to serve her ads specifically on sites she frequently visits in relation to her interests across all of her devices but mainly on her cell phone, where she’s most likely to click on an ad. Simultaneously, Jane is exposed to your ad on the radio when she’s offline. We’re completely surrounding her with your messaging in a coordinated way that’s proven to drive results. People don’t vote for politicians they don’t know – you can be sure they’ll know you, they’ll remember you, and they’ll elect you.

We recommend starting with radio as your base marketing buy. We also recommend ADDING digital to your media mix.

If you know someone running for office in the upcoming 2019 election, or someone running in next year’s 2020 election, please share this article with them! You can contact Keith at Cumulus Media at 717-901-3461 to schedule a meeting and customize a marketing plan for YOUR political campaign!

Keith Hanshaw

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