What’s In A Name? A Lot When It Comes To Your Business

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What’s In A Name? A Lot When It Comes To Your Business

Naming Your Business

by Nicola Reid nicola.reid@business4today.com

Consumers buy products for many reasons, and whether consciously or subconsciously, your business’s name can influence this decision. On today’s Free Marketing Help blog, we look at some of the considerations that business owners must take when choosing a moniker. From legal issues to finding a matching domain, your quest for the perfect business name starts here.

Why Choose A Business Name?

Many sole proprietors elect to operate under their own given name. While this might be a great strategy for photographers, artists, and even attorneys, names are often difficult to remember. And when you are ready to advertise, regardless of if that is online, via television, or on-air, the memorability of your name is one thing that will draw customers in. Further, if you plan to operate as an LLC, the first step in the structuring process is to name your business.

Something else to consider here is that operating under your own name can make it more difficult to maintain your personal privacy. And if something ever happens with the business, your online reputation, which will be closely tied to you as a person, may be tarnished.

Choosing The Right Name

You can choose any name you want for your business, right? No, actually. There are rules and regulations, particularly if you plan to form an LLC. You might not, for example, be allowed to insert a curse word or racial slur into your business name. You may also be prohibited from using a business name already registered in your industry. If the name is already trademarked, you’ll have to keep looking. Legal issues aside, your business name should be:

  • Easy to spell. Avoid unusual spellings or foreign words that might confuse or resonate poorly with your target audience.
  • Scalable. This one can get a little tricky. Unless you plan to only offer one specific product or service forever, it’s best not to choose extremely narrow names. Think about it this way: if Jeff Bezos had named his first online endeavor “JustBooks,” we may have never gotten the Amazon we know and love.
  • Catchy. Having a catchy name is not necessarily a requirement, but it will help your customers remember you. You’ll also want to say your company name out loud instead of just seeing it spelled out on paper or online. If it’s not fun and easy to say, you may miss out on customers because of unconscious bias.

Domain Naming

In addition to your business name, you also want to consider your online domain. Ideally, you can choose the name that allows you to register as an identical dot-com (Example: BusinessName.com). According to WP Beginner, dot-com, while just one of many options, is the most credible and established domain extension. As such, these websites are also the most memorable. Don’t forget to check social media for unregistered companies that are already using your proposed name.

Other Marketing Considerations

Something few business owners think about early in the naming process is how the name will translate into a logo. As LogoMaker illustrates, great logos are often inspired by the name. If you plan to get creative, think about your visual marketing plan as well. It can help to partner with a graphic designer or online marketing expert before registering your business name.

Your name says a lot about your business. However, choose it carefully. There’s nothing wrong with creativity, but you must also consider the legal and marketing aspects of naming a business. From searching to ensure your name is available to picking a domain, the above tips can help you get your business on the right track from the very first day.

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