Get Help Hiring: How to recruit in 2021

Get Help Hiring: How to recruit in 2021

Having Trouble Hiring?

Why aren’t people responding to my job offers?

If you’re in human resources and finding it harder to fill open positions, it may be time to try something different…. Posting classified ads in the newspaper and paying to post or sponsor job listings on job boards isn’t as effective as it once was!

Newspaper classifieds and job boards

With the newspaper, unless you’re targeting the 65+ demographic, you’re most likely missing the mark. Most people who still read the paper are retired or thinking about retirement at 65 and not the best people to put job offers in front of!

Put your offer in front of the passive job seeker

Instead of targeting people LOOKING for a job, why not target the passive job seeker? A passive job seeker is someone who may consider a career change if a better opportunity presented itself. Your offer if the most important part of your job listing. WHY would someone be willing to leave their current job, to come work for you, if they weren’t getting SOMETHING better in the deal; hours, pay, perks, insurance, etc, Think about your job offer from the prospects view. What benefits would THEY want? How much will it take to win someone over?

Better than competitive offer

Your offer needs to be extremely competitive in today’s environment. If the average pay rate for warehouse packers and pickers was $18 in your area, you better be offering better than the $18 an hour. Otherwise, people know they can go work in a warehouse with no experience and still make $18 an hour, so why would they come work for you for less?

A better way to market your open positions

Here’s a video from a “How to Hire” webinar we did with the Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. If you’d like to schedule time to discuss your specific recruitment needs, please email and I’ll help you come up with a plan to fill your positions.

I have many clients that run recruitment campaigns on an ongoing basis. They continue their campaigns because they continue to see results. Every month, we’re sending traffic to their careers page or driving foot traffic into their hiring locations.

I can build a coordinated radio and digital recruitment campaign that will give you a competitive advantage over your competition, who’s hiring for the same positions.

Why Radio and Why Digital Display?

Recruitment is the third largest advertiser category in Central PA due to the fact that everyone’s trying to hire. You need to make yourself stand out from the noise and clutter. Target, and PUT your job offer in front of them, instead of Hoping they FIND your listing on any specific job board or in the newspaper classified section!

With radio we can reach not only the passive job seeker but that person’s entire network of friends and family. With digital, we can target the active job seeker as well as anyone typing keywords into a search bar, visiting job related websites, retargeting people who have been to your website as well as creating mobile geofence target locations to capture employees smart phone device ID’s inside the walls of your competitors or other local businesses.

Fish where the fish are

Stop trying to get the unemployed in your door and start thinking about how you can target someone who’s already doing the job YOU need them to do, for someone else. With digital display campaigns, you can create a list of potential targets. Then, over the next 30 days, deliver banner ads for YOUR job offer, right on their smartphones, tablets, desktops and computers. We’ll continue to remind them you’re hiring. If they click on your banner and go to your website, we can track it. If they see your ad and then walk in your door, we can track it.

Holding our feet to the fire

One thing that sets Cumulus Digital apart is the quality of our data and our monthly reports. At the end of each 30 day cycle, we’ll schedule a review to look at your campaign performance, make any changes or recommendations and show you the results.

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