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Why TV Audience and reach is DOWN

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Getting less bang for your TV advertising bucks?

A few years ago, the newspaper industry and yellow pages both went from being a thriving place to market your business and REACH customers to loosing subscribers and customers due to a loss of reach. In advertising, the most important KEY to successful marketing is REACH or the ability to reach customers. As the internet came around, newspaper subscriptions dropped as their customers were dying and the younger readers weren’t subscribing because they were consuming their news in other ways. The yellow pages used to be the place where EVERYONE looked for a business phone number. Now with smart phones and technology, people simply talk into their phone to retrieve the data requested.

Without subscribers or people to reach, the industry dies. Television is headed down the same slippery slope with services such as Netflix and Hulu getting customers to “cut the cord”

Procter & Gamble, the number one advertiser in the WORLD is moving away from TV and putting more of their ad budget into radio. Why do you think that is? Read on to find out!

Here is an interesting slide….

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