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Free 2020 Marketing Plan help

Helping your business GROW through effective radio and digital marketing and advertising.

Free 2020 Marketing Plan Help

Local business owners, setting appointments now thru October 16th for free 2020 Marketing Plan help in Central PA (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster)

If you’re a business owner in Central PA or an HR Manager in charge of hiring, I’m scheduling appointments between now and October 16th to offer free help putting together a 2020 Marketing Plan to help your business GROW in 2020! If you’re tired of “Doing what you’ve always Done” with your advertising, or you’re looking for BIGGER growth in 2020, I can help with different media options.

Think of it like buying airline tickets…. If you book a flight that doesn’t depart for six months, the airfare is going to be much less then if you wait until the day you want to fly!  Same thing with buying advertising. If you know WHEN you want to advertise NEXT year, you can plan your advertising for the whole year and lock in rates!

My help is free. Any advertising you order is paid directly to the media company monthly. If you place an order for something that will run in the spring of 2020, you won’t pay until the beginning of the first month. Make your plan and buy for the year. There are local people who NEED or WANT your product or service. The problem is, they only need or want your product when a specific triggering event happens, causing them to need or want it! The main purpose of advertising is to be THE BUSINESS NAME that people THINK OF FIRST and FEEL BEST ABOUT when a need or want arises for the service or product you offer!

People are in different buying cycles all the time. Your advertising should be CONSISTENT. Don’t look at it as “how much money do I have to spend on advertising right now?” Look at it as HOW MUCH CAN I AFFORD TO ALLOT TOWARDS ADVERTISING ON A MONTHLY BASIS! Look, people are used to subscription buying. You pay a monthly fee for your smart phone, a monthly fee for your electricity, a monthly fee for your rent, lease or mortgage. Why not simplify your life and get your advertising on track to WORK for you! Successful advertising GROWS businesses. If you want your business to GROW you need to market it to the local community!

You have a lot of local media choices but research shows RADIO is America’s number one mass media reaching 92% of the population every week.  Coupled with DIGITAL, it’s a one-two punch. If you’re a business owner, manager or HR manager and you’re interested in planning your 2020 advertising, I’m happy to help at no cost. It’ll take about 20 minutes to talk about how I can help you grow your business.  Please email me your availability and we will find a date that works. You can email me at: Keith.Hanshaw@Cumulus.com

I will be scheduling appoints from October 7th to the 16th between 9AM – 4PM each day.

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